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posted over 3 years ago by RowlettEagle07 from Rowlett Community Relief and Family T.R.A.C.E. Labels: city updates volunteering clean-up debris
This update is over 30 days old.

Citizen question: "Now that damage assessments have been completed, are citizens allowed to start clearing debris and helping with cutting up large trees blocking roadways? (Understanding that no other dangers such as power lines are present.) We live in an unaffected area of the red zone and would like to start helping with clearing debris in affected neighborhoods nearby."

City of Rowlett response: "There is still a 24 hour curfew in effect, public safety is asking that everyone stay away from the affected areas as travel is still unsafe. Debris mitigation planning is underway, we'll be sure to share once it's finalized. Thanks for your patience and understanding!"


  • Please update as soon as possible today on when we can come in and help in the clean up.

    PetePuckett "(over 3 years ago)"
  • Chainsaw and truck ready to roll out just need the word!

    craigh "(over 3 years ago)"
  • We want to help out asap!

    anagm13 "(over 3 years ago)"
  • Thank you for your willingness. We will update you all as soon as possible.

    RowlettEagle07 "(over 3 years ago)"
  • Willing to help clean up debris when ready.

    chuckb "(over 3 years ago)"
  • I'm available this Thursday through Sunday to help with cleanup!

    kimbocorder "(over 3 years ago)"
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