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Dear volunteer,

The Cities of Rowlett and Garland have established a Joint Disaster Management Resource Center, located at the Granger Recreation Center, 1310 W. Avenue F in Garland, which will open at 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, December 30.

The current resource center operating out of the Rowlett Community Centre will cease operations at some point on Wednesday, once resources have been relocated to the new location. This new joint center will offer volunteers, residents impacted by the tornado, and the organizations offering resources a “one-stop-shop” to connect.

The center will operate three components:

Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) - disaster volunteers are registered and referred to local agencies to assist with relief efforts. At the VRC, volunteers will:

  1. Complete a registration form and sign a general release of liability statement.
  2. Accept a referral to an organization needing their services (Referral includes a description of their duties and complete address and contact information for the agency to which they have been referred).
  3. Receive a form of identification approved by local officials.
  4. Participate in a safety briefing.
  5. Agree in writing to follow all safety instructions and directions from supervisors at their work sites.

Client Disaster Services Center - residents impacted by the event can get assistance/access to a multitude of resources and recovery agencies.

Donations Management -Voluntary organizations with established donations structures in place to receive and deliver appropriate donated goods to disaster victims.

Please come see us!


City Officials of Rowlett and Garland


  • So does this mean we just come to Granger Recreation center starting at 10am?

    dylanapollo "(almost 4 years ago)"
  • Is there an age limit for volunteers? I want to come volunteer, but I have my 8yr old daughter with me today.

    DavidHansen "(almost 4 years ago)"
  • Hello, I manage Community Giving for CVS/pharmacy. If there are any items that you need donated (personal care items, clean-up supplies, etc.) we would be more than happy to donate in bulk directly to the Granger Rec Center. Please email me, jennifer.leigh@cvshealth.com. Our thoughts are with the families impacted, and with all of the first responders and volunteers who have helped in the recovery efforts.

    CVSHealthCommunityGiving "(almost 4 years ago)"
  • Dylanapollo: Yes, please come to the Granger Recreation center.

    DavidHansen: No, all ages are welcomed. Please visit the Joint Central Command Center.

    CVSHealthCommunity Giving: please call the following number to see what all is needed. Joint Disaster Resource Management Center for Rowlett and Garland: (972) 205-2771

    RowlettEagle07 "(almost 4 years ago)"
  • Will this be continuing all week? And will the times to come register be the same?

    amberl "(almost 4 years ago)"
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