Testimony about CITC at Dalrock and 66

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‎Leza F. said "Went by Church in the City and dropped off personal hygiene, cleaning supplies baby supplies, water and school supplies. I walked in to that church and it almost brought me to my knees at the outpouring of donations and volunteers. The people that were sitting there eating a hot meal that don't have a home anymore...

My "what can I do to help" kicked in and the next thing I know I'm in the kitchen serving, cleaning up and organizing food tables with all the food, cleaning up and helping pack up food for those with no groceries. What a very humbling experience.

They have cots available for those that need a place to stay; they have showers for those that need to clean up. They are offering free hot meals for anyone that might need a meal whether that be a victim or a volunteer that's working out in the community they have a very organized donation system set up. Clothes, baby supplies, hygiene, you name it they are accepting it."

They are open 24/7.

Located on the corner of Dalrock/66.


  • That's amazing! Finding churches like that is rare these days.
    Beautiful people. Beautiful congregation, and one very awesome preacher, or whoever it is that heads this thing up.

    ArizonaAvenger "(almost 4 years ago)"
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