[Rowlett Animal Shelter] Updates (Dec. 30, 2015 at 9:30 AM)

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This update is over 30 days old.

The Rowlett Shelter will not be adopting out or euthanizing any animals in 5 days like some have reported. Their normal stray hold is 5 days, however that does not apply to this situation. There have been many offers from rescues and individuals to foster the displaced animals if that need arises. The shelter is not currently full so please, if you find an animal in Rowlett bring it to the shelter so their owners can be reunited beloved pets.

On a side note, our city shelter has maintained a 98% Live Release rate for the past 2 years. The staff and city are dedicated to the animals and want nothing more than to reunite these animals with their families. Many of the staff are working on very little sleep, so we ask that the public please show them respect and understanding. Please help to squash any negative rumors going around about our shelter. They love the animals!


  • If I wanted to send a check specifically for the Animal Shelter, what address should I send it to. Thanks.

    susan51 "(over 4 years ago)"
  • Do you need volunteers this week? If so, what are the age restrictions for volunteering? Thanks!

    lorie08 "(over 4 years ago)"
  • The Rowlett Animal Shelter Address can be found at the following : 4402 Industrial St, Rowlett, TX 75088

    RowlettEagle07 "(over 4 years ago)"
  • Lorie08,

    Please call the Animal Shelter at the following number to see if they need volunteers. (972) 412-6219. Thanks!

    RowlettEagle07 "(over 4 years ago)"
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