[Mayor Todd Gottel] Update (Dec. 31, 2015 1:00 AM)

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This update is over 30 days old.

Attention Rowlett Citizens: I wanted to provide another update on our progress recovering from the tornado. First, I wanted to thank our amazing Staff, outside agencies, CERT, VIPS, Church groups, Citizens and Businesses. We have made great progress in the past 96 hours! Conditions are improving all over the city.

  1. Vehicle Removal: We have cleared all of the non-operable vehicles from the roadways. In total, we have collected and stored several hundred vehicles. The city had them towed (free of charge) to the Herfurth Park parking lot. The cars were photographed and GPS stamped before moving them. Insurance companies can contact the police department for the records.

  2. Roadway Debris Removed: Areas were shut down by firebox to allow Public Works Departments from all over the metroplex to clear all debris from the roadways. This allowed to work safely and quickly. It is important that all roadways provide safe access into the neighborhoods.

  3. Power: The damage to Oncor's system was extensive. At the peak we had 8000 homes and businesses without power. Many of their transmission poles, transformers and lines were totally destroyed. This was a monumental effort. Power has been restored to all but a very small number of homes and those significantly damaged or destroyed. The Oncor Team should be commended. If your home was not reenergized, and you disagree with the decision, you will need to contact Rowlett's building inspection department.

  4. Gas: All damaged gas lines have been turned off. Service was restored to all of the homes that passed the safety inspection. If there is any smell of gas anywhere, please call 911 immediately.

  5. Other utilities: If your other utilities are not working, you should contact the local utility to check on the status of service restoration.

  6. Search and Rescue: To date, we have had ZERO fatalities and 23 injuries. Please keep praying for all to have a speedy recovery.

  7. Property Assessments: To date, we have had 1145 homes and businesses impacted by the storm. Out of the 1110 homes impacted, 159 were totally destroyed, 311 had major damage and will need to be demolished, 434 are damaged but habitable, and 206 had minimal damage. Out of the 35 businesses impacted, 3 were totally destroyed, 8 had major damage and are structurally unsound, 5 had minor damage but were habitable and 19 had minor damage.

  8. Informational Flyer: In an effort to inform many of our residents impacted from the storm, our CERT Teams went into the neighborhoods with information sheets and cases of water. They hit roughly 1000 homes.

  9. Trash Collection: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Waste Management will only pick up normal household waste. They will not pick up concrete or construction materials. That is the job of your insurance company. Some streets (marked in orange) will not receive trash pickup until the roadway and/or alley is clear. You will need to contact WM if you need a new poly cart(s).

  10. Volunteers: If you are interested in learning more, or signing up, please go to the County Volunteer site at the Granger Recreation Center in Garland. You may also sign up at First Baptist Church Rowlett or First United Methodist Church Rowlett on Main Street.

  11. Emergency Declaration: Tonight the Rowlett City Council extended the Emergency Declaration for the next 30 days.

  12. Donations: I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the donations. We have many donation centers across Rowlett and Rockwall and they are totally full! We have such a loving and caring community.

  13. Martha Water Tower: Engineers are still in the process of inspecting the water tower. Once we determine the level of damage, we will decide the course of action to correct it.

  14. Heavy Police Presence: Now that the streets have been opened to the public, we will be increasing the patrols in every impacted neighborhood. Should you notice any suspicious activity, call the police at 911!!

  15. Contractors: They MUST register with the city. We run a background check on everyone that registers. If they do not have permit, DO NOT use them! We do not want anyone to be victimized.

  16. Additional Information: Please check out our website should you have any questions. www.rowlett.com


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