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posted over 4 years ago by citccares from Church in the City (CITC) Labels: food clothes,dog diapers,shelter furniture
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Hi Church in the City (CITC) at Dalrock and 66 has hot food, clothes for all ages and sizes and GROCERIES...lots of groceries! We also have dog food, diapers and personal hygiene products. We can refer affected residents to the FURNITURE BANK. Although we KNOW it is hard to "NEED" is our responsibility and desire to "GIVE" help. To not use us if you need something is like parking a Ferrari and refusing to let you run. We were BUILT to love God and Love


  • I have mens 3xl clothes, and clean pillows and blankets (not in package). Do you need them?

    mattblum "(over 4 years ago)"
  • I am looking for somewhere to donate a bunch of womens or teen size 11 pants, large and medium tops. Size 9 women shoes. Having a hard time finding somewhere to donate them. May i bring them to you all?

    loriamn "(over 4 years ago)"
  • I was notified that you are serving as the Volunteer Reception Center for Rowlett. Do you have current Volunteer Needs? I have been contacted by a couple of companies and financial donors who wish to give time, talent, resources to assist those in need. Please email me if you would like to learn more

    VolunteerNow "(over 4 years ago)"
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